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The AIL fixtures for the coming season have been announced.

3rd August 2007 By Munster Rugby

The AIL fixtures for the coming season have been announced.

It should be noted that all avenues were explored and every effort made to facilitate the needs and requirements of all clubs but some of the major influencing factors were –
– Leinster/Lansdowne ground share in the RDS – only 1 match allowed per week.

– All Munster Magners League matches will be played in Musgrave Park this season. Dolphin and Sunday’s Well could not have a match against Ulster clubs on a weekend Munster were at home, TV could dictate a Saturday match.

– 29th March 2008 – All Cork City clubs away as 6 Nations Schools tournament being held in Cork.

– Bective & Old Wesley sharing Donnybrook – no Sunday matches in February (2 rounds), schools have primacy of venue.

The full list of fixtures are –
Saturday 27 October Ballymena v Garryowen
Cork Constitution v Blackrock College
Dungannon v Terenure College
Galwegians v St. Mary’s College
Lansdowne v Clontarf
Old Belvedere v Shannon
U.L. Bohemian v U.C.D.

Sunday 28 October Dolphin v Greystones

Saturday 3 November Dolphin v Old Belvedere
Galwegians v Ballymena
Garryowen v Shannon
Greystones v Cork Constitution
St. Mary’s College v Clontarf
Terenure College v Blackrock College
U.C.D. v Dungannon
U.L. Bohemian v Lansdowne

Saturday 10 November Blackrock College v Dungannon
Clontarf v Ballymena
Cork Constitution v Old Belvedere
Garryowen v Dolphin
Greystones v Lansdowne
Shannon v U.L. Bohemian
Terenure College v Galwegians
U.C.D. v St. Mary’s College

Saturday 17 November Ballymena v U.C.D.
Clontarf v Shannon
Cork Constitution v Garryowen
Dungannon v Greystones
Lansdowne v Blackrock College
Old Belvedere v Terenure College
U.L. Bohemian v St. Mary’s College

Sunday 18 November Dolphin v Galwegians
Saturday 1 December Dolphin v Lansdowne
Galwegians v U.L. Bohemian
Garryowen v Clontarf
Greystones v Ballymena
Shannon v Blackrock College
St. Mary’s College v Dungannon
Terenure College v Cork Constitution
U.C.D. v Old Belvedere

Saturday 8 December Ballymena v Lansdowne
Blackrock College v Old Belvedere
Clontarf v Dolphin
Cork Constitution v U.L. Bohemian
Garryowen v Dungannon
Greystones v Galwegians
St. Mary’s College v Shannon
U.C.D. v Terenure College

Saturday 15 December Ballymena v St. Mary’s College
Blackrock College v Garryowen
Clontarf v Terenure College
Cork Constitution v U.C.D.
Dungannon v Galwegians
Lansdowne v Shannon
Old Belvedere v Greystones
U.L. Bohemian v Dolphin

Saturday 12 January Blackrock College v Dolphin
Dungannon v U.L. Bohemian
Galwegians v Lansdowne
Garryowen v St. Mary’s College
Old Belvedere v Ballymena
Shannon v Cork Constitution
Terenure College v Greystones
U.C.D. v Clontarf

Saturday 19 January Ballymena v Blackrock College
Dolphin v Terenure College
Dungannon v Shannon
Lansdowne v Cork Constitution
Old Belvedere v Clontarf
St. Mary’s College v Greystones
U.C.D. v Galwegians
U.L. Bohemian v Garryowen
Saturday 26 January Clontarf v U.L. Bohemian
Cork Constitution v Dungannon
Dolphin v Ballymena
Garryowen v Terenure College
Greystones v Blackrock College
Lansdowne v U.C.D.
Shannon v Galwegians
St. Mary’s College v Old Belvedere

Saturday 16 February Clontarf v Cork Constitution
Dungannon v Old Belvedere
Galwegians v Blackrock College
Greystones v Garryowen
Shannon v Ballymena
St. Mary’s College v Lansdowne
Terenure College v U.L. Bohemian
U.C.D. v Dolphin

Saturday 1 March Blackrock College v U.C.D.
Clontarf v Greystones
Cork Constitution v St. Mary’s College
Dolphin v Dungannon
Lansdowne v Garryowen
Old Belvedere v Galwegians
Shannon v Terenure College
U.L. Bohemian v Ballymena

Saturday 22 March Ballymena v Cork Constitution
Dolphin v Shannon
Dungannon v Clontarf
Galwegians v Garryowen
Greystones v U.C.D.
Old Belvedere v Lansdowne
St. Mary’s College v Terenure College
U.L. Bohemian v Blackrock College

Saturday 29 March Blackrock College v Clontarf
Galwegians v Cork Constitution
Garryowen v Old Belvedere
Greystones v U.L. Bohemian
Lansdowne v Dungannon
St. Mary’s College v Dolphin
Terenure College v Ballymena
U.C.D. v Shannon

Saturday 19 April Ballymena v Dungannon
Blackrock College v St. Mary’s College
Clontarf v Galwegians
Cork Constitution v Dolphin
Garryowen v U.C.D.
Old Belvedere v U.L. Bohemian
Shannon v Greystones
Terenure College v Lansdowne

Saturday 3 May Semi Finals

Saturday 10 May Final

Saturday 27 October Ballynahinch v U.C.C.
Barnhall v Thomond
Buccaneers v Clonakilty
Highfield v Old Crescent
Suttonians v D.L.S.P.
Wanderers v Belfast Harlequins
Young Munster v Malone

Sunday 28 October Bective Rangers v Dublin University

Saturday 3 November Ballynahinch v Buccaneers
Barnhall v Wanderers
Bective Rangers v Thomond
Clonakilty v Young Munster
Dublin University v Belfast Harlequins
Highfield v Suttonians
Old Crescent v Malone
U.C.C. v D.L.S.P.

Saturday 10 November Barnhall v Dublin University
Belfast Harlequins v U.C.C.
D.L.S.P. v Clonakilty
Malone v Bective Rangers
Old Crescent v Buccaneers
Thomond v Ballynahinch
Wanderers v Highfield
Young Munster v Suttonians

Saturday 17 November Clonakilty v Belfast Harlequins
D.L.S.P. v Bective Rangers
Highfield v Ballynahinch
Suttonians v Malone
Thomond v Dublin University
U.C.C. v Buccaneers
Wanderers v Old Crescent
Young Munster v Barnhall

Saturday 1 December Ballynahinch v Wanderers
Barnhall v Clonakilty
Belfast Harlequins v Young Munster
Buccaneers v Bective Rangers
Dublin University v Suttonians
Highfield v D.L.S.P.
Malone v Thomond
Old Crescent v U.C.C.

Saturday 8 December Ballynahinch v Belfast Harlequins
Clonakilty v Dublin University
Bective Rangers v Old Crescent
D.L.S.P. v Malone
Suttonians v Barnhall
Thomond v Highfield
U.C.C. v Wanderers
Young Munster v Buccaneers

Saturday 15 December Buccaneers v Belfast Harlequins
Clonakilty v Highfield
D.L.S.P. v Thomond
Dublin University v Young Munster
Old Crescent v Barnhall
Suttonians v Ballynahinch
U.C.C. v Malone
Wanderers v Bective Rangers

Saturday 12 January Ballynahinch v Young Munster
Barnhall v Bective Rangers
Belfast Harlequins v Old Crescent
Buccaneers v Highfield
Dublin University v D.L.S.P.
Malone v Clonakilty
U.C.C. v Suttonians
Wanderers v Thomond

Saturday 19 January Bective Rangers v Belfast Harlequins
Barnhall v Buccaneers
D.L.S.P. v Ballynahinch
Dublin University v Old Crescent
Highfield v U.C.C.
Malone v Wanderers
Suttonians v Clonakilty

Sunday 20 January Thomond v Young Munster

Saturday 26 January Bective Rangers v U.C.C.
Clonakilty v Old Crescent
D.L.S.P. v Barnhall
Highfield v Dublin University
Malone v Ballynahinch
Suttonians v Buccaneers
Thomond v Belfast Harlequins
Young Munster v Wanderers

Saturday 9 February Ballynahinch v Bective Rangers
Barnhall v Highfield
Belfast Harlequins v D.L.S.P.
Buccaneers v Thomond
Dublin University v Malone
Old Crescent v Suttonians
U.C.C. v Young Munster
Wanderers v Clonakilty

Saturday 16 February Clonakilty v U.C.C.
D.L.S.P. v Buccaneers
Dublin University v Ballynahinch
Highfield v Belfast Harlequins
Malone v Barnhall
Suttonians v Wanderers
Thomond v Old Crescent
Young Munster v Bective Rangers

Saturday 1 March Barnhall v Ballynahinch
Bective Rangers v Clonakilty
Belfast Harlequins v Malone
Buccaneers v Wanderers
Dublin University v U.C.C.
Highfield v Young Munster
Old Crescent v D.L.S.P.
Thomond v Suttonians

Saturday 22 March Ballynahinch v Old Crescent
Bective Rangers v Highfield
Belfast Harlequins v Suttonians
Clonakilty v Thomond
Malone v Buccaneers
U.C.C. v Barnhall
Wanderers v Dublin University
Young Munster v D.L.S.P.

Saturday 29 March Ballynahinch v Clonakilty
Belfast Harlequins v Barnhall
Buccaneers v Dublin University
D.L.S.P. v Wanderers
Malone v Highfield
Old Crescent v Young Munster
Suttonians v Bective Rangers
Thomond v U.C.C.

Saturday 12 April SEMI-FINALS

Saturday 19 April FINAL

Saturday 27 October Ards v Midleton
City of Derry v Bruff
Nenagh Ormond v Corinthians
Old Wesley v Instonians
Queens University v Naas
Rainey Old Boys v Banbridge
Sunday’s Well v Connemara
Waterpark v Co. Carlow

Saturday 3 November Banbridge v Ards
Bruff v Sunday’s Well
City of Derry v Naas
Co. Carlow v Queens University
Connemara v Old Wesley
Corinthians v Waterpark
Instonians v Rainey Old Boys
Midleton v Nenagh Ormond

Saturday 10 November Ards v Instonians
Naas v Co. Carlow
Nenagh Ormond v Banbridge
Old Wesley v Bruff
Queens University v Corinthians
Rainey Old Boys v Connemara
Sunday’s Well v City of Derry
Waterpark v Midleton

Saturday 17 November Banbridge v Naas
Bruff v Nenagh Ormond
City of Derry v Corinthians
Connemara v Waterpark
Instonians v Queens University
Midleton v Co. Carlow
Old Wesley v Rainey Old Boys
Sunday’s Well v Ards

Saturday 1 December Ards v Old Wesley
Co. Carlow v Banbridge
Corinthians v Midleton
Naas v Instonians
Nenagh Ormond v Sunday’s Well
Queens University v Connemara
Rainey Old Boys v City of Derry
Waterpark v Bruff

Saturday 8 December Banbridge v Waterpark
Bruff v Rainey Old Boys
City of Derry v Co. Carlow
Connemara v Ards
Corinthians v Naas
Instonians v Nenagh Ormond
Midleton v Queens University
Sunday’s Well v Old Wesley

Saturday 15 December Ards v Nenagh Ormond
Bruff v Co. Carlow
City of Derry v Banbridge
Connemara v Corinthians
Instonians v Midleton
Old Wesley v Queens University
Rainey Old Boys v Waterpark
Sunday’s Well v Naas

Saturday 12 January Banbridge v Instonians
Co. Carlow v Sunday’s Well
Corinthians v Bruff
Midleton v Connemara
Naas v Old Wesley
Nenagh Ormond v City of Derry
Queens University v Rainey Old Boys
Waterpark v Ards

Saturday 19 January Ards v Queens University
City of Derry v Instonians
Connemara v Banbridge
Rainey Old Boys v Naas
Sunday’s Well v Corinthians

Suinday 20 January Bruff v Midleton
Nenagh Ormond v Waterpark
Old Wesley v Co. Carlow

Saturday 26 January Banbridge v Old Wesley
Co. Carlow v Nenagh Ormond
Connemara v Bruff
Corinthians v Ards
Instonians v Sunday’s Well
Midleton v Rainey Old Boys
Naas v Waterpark
Queens University v City of Derry

Saturday 9 February Ards v Co. Carlow
Bruff v Instonians
Naas v Midleton
Nenagh Ormond v Connemara
Old Wesley v City of Derry
Rainey Old Boys v Corinthians
Sunday’s Well v Banbridge
Waterpark v Queens University

Saturday 16 February Ards v Bruff
City of Derry v Connemara
Co. Carlow v Corinthians
Nenagh Ormond v Naas
Old Wesley v Midleton
Queens University v Banbridge
Rainey Old Boys v Sunday’s Well
Waterpark v Instonians

Saturday 1 March Banbridge v Corinthians
Bruff v Queens University
City of Derry v Midleton
Connemara v Naas
Instonians v Co. Carlow
Rainey Old Boys v Ards

Sunday 2 March Old Wesley v Nenagh Ormond
Sunday’s Well v Waterpark

Saturday 22 March Ards v City of Derry
Co. Carlow v Connemara
Corinthians v Instonians
Midleton v Banbridge
Naas v Bruff
Nenagh Ormond v Rainey Old Boys
Queens University v Sunday’s Well
Waterpark v Old Wesley

Saturday 29 March Banbridge v Bruff
Co. Carlow v Rainey Old Boys
Corinthians v Old Wesley
Instonians v Connemara
Midleton v Sunday’s Well
Naas v Ards
Queens University v Nenagh Ormond
Waterpark v City of Derry

Saturday 12 April SEMI-FINALS & PLAY OFF

Saturday 19 April FINAL


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