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Slow Process Begins For Wallace

19th September 2011 By Munster Rugby

Slow Process Begins For Wallace

In terms of injury around the RWC, Munster have suffered the greatest toll with Jerry Flannery the latest to join an injury list that includes Tomas O’Leary, Felix Jones and David Wallace.

Of that quartet only Flannery made the departure lounge, O'Leary has been troubled with a back injury since, Jones limped out of the French warm-up game, Wallace a week later.

There's no information on when Flannery will return but the others were all in UL this morning, Wallace getting himself there by car and driving it himself.

“Yeh, I'm mobile now, driving today for the first time. Once I'm driving I can get out of the house a bit more under my own steam. It's no harm anyway cause you just sit at home taking care of it. And keeping it moving. They gave me a machine, a continuous movement machine. It's good for the joint to keep it moving and working on it. Pretty boring right enough but best for the knee.”

“In terms of Physio stuff it's single squats, double leg squats, doing balancing passing balls, walking in the pool, bit of aqua jogging. It kinda varies from week to week but I'm almost walking properly on it now without crutches.”

Determining when to use the crutches or not is simply determined. “What I've been told is basically, on how it feels, so using pain as a guide. If it's sore I'll obviously back off. I'll probably have good days 'n bad days so some days I'll use them (crutches) and some days I mightn't use them at all. I'm happy with the way it's gone so far.”

“I've been in since half eight this morning. It's now 12, going non-stop, just weights or physio or in the pool so that's good too, it's keeping me occupied.”


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