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The Munster Crest

Munster Crest

The Munster Rugby brand embodies the qualities of passion, ambition, excellence, integrity and community, inspiring both the supporters and the players.

The original Munster crest consisted of three gold crowns on a navy field. The meaning of the crowns is not certain but it is thought that they may represent three of the medieval Lordships in Munster, the O’Briens (Thomond), the Butlers (Ormond) and the Fitzgeralds (Desmond).

Munster changed the crest in 2003 due to the financial demands of running a professional rugby squad, and the need to create revenue to support this. The three gold crowns from the original Munster crest were retained as they are a fundamental part of Munster’s heritage. The stag was included because in Irish folklore it was portrayed as an animal that always defended its own territory – very apt for a rugby team!

One of the great Munster families, the McCarthy’s, who trace their origins back to the Carthach, the 11th century Prince of Munster, also had a stag on a shield of metal grey as their crest. The McCarthy motto, “to the brave and faithful nothing is impossible”, was adopted by Munster Rugby, summing up their resilience and determination.

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