Ticket Exchange



Ticket Exchange

Not Using your Season Ticket? Try Ticket Exchange!

Now, if you are a season ticketholder and can't attend a game you can resell your ticket to another Munster Supporter for that particular game.

If you are a season ticketholder with the Munster Rugby Supporters Club or a Ten Year Ticket Holder you can resell your ticket through Ticket Exchange.

You can sell your ticket at face value and ensure your ticket is being used for every single game.

Simply post your ticket for sale through your Munster Rugby Ticket Account.

Log in to your ticket account and follow the below steps:

1) Click here to login to your ticket account

2) Under the Manage your tickets heading click "SELL"

3) Tick the box beside the ticket(s) you want to resell and click " SELL"

4)Once you are happy with the price (tickets can only be sold at face value) and expiration date click "Continue"

5) Verify that all information is correct and click "Post Tickets for Resale"

You can check back through your ticket account to see if the tickets have sold.

Ticket Exchange is only available for Magners League fixtures once 80% of capacity has been sold.