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Rugby - It's in your Blood Become a Referee!

Join the Munster Association of Referees

Benefits of becoming a referee:

- Opportunities to Travel
- Keep Fit
- Best seat in the house
- Participation in our great game
- Full M.A.R. Members access to tickets

The Munster Association of Referees is giving you the opportunity to give back to the sport! Rugby referees enjoy the same benefits of the game as the players - without the injuries!

If keeping fit (referees run six miles in an 80 minute match), travelling, taking part in a lively social scene or getting an adrenaline rush is your idea of a great pastime, rugby refereeing could be for you. As well as the obvious benefits, a referee's constant study of the game enriches their enjoyment of this lifetime sport. There is more need for referees now than ever!

Community Referees

Munster Rugby, along with IRFU Referee Development staff Dave McHugh and Peter Fitzgibbon, have recently introduced the new Community Referee initiative in the province.

Community refereeing is open to all rugby club members (male & female) aged 18 to 60 years of age. Ideal candidates should be reasonably fit, have a good understanding of the game and be available to referee.

This is an important new category of referee within the Munster Association of Referees (MAR) and the key characteristics of the Community Referee are:

• He/she will only referee age-grade rugby (ring-fenced).

• He/she will only referee locally within their own area thus reducing the requirement to travel.

• He/she will be a member of the MAR.

• He/she will be appointed by MAR.

New competition models are currently being introduced in Munster age-grade rugby to ensure more meaningful games are provided for all participants. It is the responsibility of all clubs and schools to contribute to this process by nominating potential applicants for the Community Referee initiative.

Suitable candidates will then go through the process of education, appointment and trial in order to commence the refereeing of youth matches.

They will become full members of the MAR and will be appointed solely by the MAR. As full MAR members they will have access to buy tickets, will referee in MAR kit, and will come under the MAR governance. They will receive ongoing education, and will be assessed during their trial period.

For more details please contact:

Peter Fitzgibbon, IRFU Referee Development Manager
Tel: 086-8322987

Dedicated MAR Website -

To visit the MAR website please click here.

MAR Representatives On National Referees Panel (2015/16)

Level 1: G. Clancy, J. Lacey, P. Fitzgibbon

Level 2: A. Brace

Level 3: K. Barry, L. Colgan, E. Hogan-O'Connell

A Panel: M. Connolly, S. Kierans, W. O'Connor, O. Hodges, K. Imbusch, F. Murphy, B. O'Connell

B Panel: C. Harrington, J. Neville, R. O'Sullivan, T. O'Donoghue, G. Finn

IRFU Active Referee Pathway

IRFU Active Referee Pathway

Club and School Affiliate Referee Course

It is IRFU policy that all domestic rugby matches must only be refereed by:

- Members of the Branch Referee Associations/Society

- Club & School Affiliated Referees

The IRFU policy on Club and School Affiliate Referees can be found here.

Important Notes
Clubs and Schools are responsible for the appointment of Club & School Referees when there is no branch referee association / society referee available.

The Branch Referee Associations / Society have no involvement of any kind with Club and School Affiliate Referees. Club and School Affiliate Referees are a club and school resource and responsibility only.

Should Club and School Affiliate Referees wish to become a branch referee they should make contact with their local Referee Development Officer.

Benefits to the game

Club or School
- Their affiliate referees are covered by insurance.
- Safer environment for their players.
- Better quality of matches for their players.

- Safer and more controlled playing environment.
- More enjoyable environment for their players with legitimate contest and continuity maintained.

Upcoming Affiliate Referee courses are listed on the Domestic Game Events page once confirmed, please revert to same to find out details of any upcoming Affiliate Referee courses. These are free of charge and open to all school and club coaches.