The Munster Crest



The Munster Crest

Munster Crest

The original Munster crest consisted of three crowns, and the change of crest is brought about by the demands of the professional era and the need for sides to generate income in order to finance the running of a professional rugby squad. Garrett Fitzgerald, CEO said: "Munster Rugby are changing their crest to reflect the commercial demands of the market we compete in. Munster will now have their own patented crest whilst still retaining the three crowns that have been a fundamental part of our heritage. Patenting it will protect Munster from unauthorised use of the crest".

Unlike others, Munster have stuck closely to their original crest, retaining the three crowns but incorporating the image of a stag, an animal associated with Munster folklore as far back as the 11th Century. One of the great Munster families, the McCarthys who trace their origins back to the Carthach, the 11th Century Prince of Munster, had as their logo a red stag "trippant" (stepping) on a shield of metal grey.

If historically therefore the stag lends itself appropriately to the new Munster crest then the motto associated with the McCarthy crest and Munster Rugby is:

"To the brave and faithful nothing is impossible".